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Camillus Flooded Basement from a Storm

The open windows in the basement allowed a driving rainstorm to cover the concrete floor with almost an inch of water. The owner of this Camillus home can call ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage Restoration in Camillus, NY

This kitchen fire damage in Camillus, NY was a result of a grease fire on the stove. There was heavy soot above the stove and the entire house was affected by s... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Result in a a Flooded Basement in Solvay, NY

This flooded basement in Solvay, NY was the result of a frozen pipe in the ceiling that cracked. When temperatures rose and the pipe thawed it sprayed water thr... READ MORE

Restoring a Flooded Luxury Condominium in Auburn, NY

This flooded luxury condominium at a lake in Auburn, NY was the result of a frozen pipe that burst while the homeowners were away for the winter. Once the pipes... READ MORE

Restoring Smoke Damage in Syracuse

This 2nd floor bedroom in Syracuse, NY may not look like there is too much wrong but the result of a kitchen fire left the entire house covered in soot and a st... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Camillus, NY

This flooded basement in Camillus, NY was the result of a roof leak that drained down into the basement. There was about 1/2" of water pooled on the basement fl... READ MORE